HLA-B*5701 Detection Kit

Relating to Drug: Abacavir


Required only hours from blood sample to results. Designed for easy operation & analysis. Highly specific in differentiating B*5701 from B*5702, B*5703, B*5704. Mix & Match design.

Test Method

RT-PCR & SYBR Green-based detection method: each sample requires only 2 PCR rxns for detecting of HLA-B*5701 and Internal Control. Analysis is based on Ct values.

Test Purpose

Some studies indicate the strong association of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA-B*5701) and Abacavir induced hypersensitivity reactions (HSR). Individuals that use DNA tests to determine their HLA genotypes prior to taking these drugs can reduce their risks of developing HSR significantly.

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