HLA-B*27 Detection Kit

Relating to Disease: Ankylosing Spondylitis


Required only hours from blood sample to results. Designed for easy operation & analysis. Highly specific in differentiating HLA-B*27 from HLA-B*2701~2707. Mix & Match design.

Test Method

RT-PCR & SYBR Green-based detection method: each sample requires only 2 PCR runs for detecting HLA-B*27and Internal Control. The analysis is based on Ct values.

Test Purpose

The HLA-B*27 gene is strongly associated with diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis (AS), and conjunctival-urethral-mucosal syndrome (RS Wright’s syndrome). The geographical distribution of the different subtypes of HLA-B*27, with HLA-B*2705 being common in Caucasians and American Indians, HLA-B*2704 and 2706 in Asians, and HLA-B*2702 in Mediterranean populations.

Previously, serological techniques were used to detect HLA-B*27 phenotypes, but now Real-Time PCR techniques are used for HLA-B*27 gene determination.

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Test Process

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