10x Genomics產品不斷推陳出新,快跟上腳步瞭解這些新穎技術!
一起加入使用10x Genomics多選擇性和多重應用性的解決方案產品!
Our multidimensional approaches allow you to address complex biology at fundamental resolution and massive scale
Chromium Controller
  • Rapidly and efficiently combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode-containing partitions in a matter of minutes
  • Compact and fits on a standard laboratory bench, allowing users to run any Chromium Solution, from genome to single cell analysis
Chromium Connect 
  • Automates your single cell sequencing workflow by integrating single cell partitioning, barcoding, and library prep together in one optimized solution
  • Generates consistent and reproducible single cell gene expression libraries across experiments and across users, and can shorten your hands-on time from more than 8 hours to less than an hour
  • Combine spatially resolved total mRNA analysis with morphological context and gain a complete profile of gene expression in an intact tissue section
  • Solution is an array based workflow that does not require a Chromium Controller or specific instrument to be run.
Chromium Single Cell ATAC 
(Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin)
  • Perform chromatin profiling in hundreds to tens of thousands of individual nuclei in parallel, allowing you to see how chromatin compaction and DNA-binding proteins regulate gene expression
  • Solution was rated in The Scientist Top 10 Innovations for 2019
Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression 
Gene Expression + CRISPR Screening+ Cell Surface Protein
  • Multiomic measurements for cell-specific, CRISPR-mediated perturbations or cell surface protein expression simultaneously with gene expression in the same cell
Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling 
Immune Repertoire Profiling + Gene Expression+ Cell Surface Protein + Antigen Specificity
  • Simultaneously examine the cellular context of innate and adaptive immunity and immune repertoires of hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells in human or mouse on a cell-by-cell basis
  • Profile genome copy number in hundreds to tens of thousands of cells or nuclei. Unmask the true genomic diversity in complex diseases including cancer and neurological disorders to characterize clonal populations and map clonal evolution
  • Starting with ~1 ng of high molecular weight genomic DNA
  • Perform haplotype phasing and detect the full spectrum of genetic variations, including large scale structural variants
  • For de novo Assembly, discover the true, diploid genome structure without the need for a reference sequence
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